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There are two parts of website promotion. They are Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and website promotion. These two need to both be done to get full effect.

Search Engine Optimization is the first part and would be a one time deal. It would entail changes that would then also be applied to any changes/updates that are done in the future. Not all sites are set up to appear well in the search engine results pages. This is a very specific thing that has to be done to a site to take full advantage of what you paid to have made for you. Not all sites are designed correctly to accept Search Engine Optimization easily, some may have to have quite allot of work done to them.

The second part of website promotion is in fact the actual promotion part of it. This is not a one time deal. This is a ongoing endeavor. FInding sites of good quality to exchange links with joining website directories and many other aspects.

Website Promotion is often times overlooked when a site is created but is one of the most important things to have done.

Search Engine Results rank after I have worked on it (how high up on the page you would appear) cannot be guaranteed as it would depend much upon the amount of relevant content on the site, the subject matter, the amount of competition and other reasons. What would need to be done first is to have a study done on the existing conditions of that subject market.


Quick Market Study 1 hr. $20
In Depth Market Study 5 hr. $100
Website Modification
(for application of SEO)
Depends on site Depends on site
One time Application of SEO Depends on site Depends on site
Ongoing Website Promotion --- $200/year

(all fees are negotiable or may be taken out in trade)

For more detailed pricing information, or any other questions you might have, feel free to contact me via the contact page located


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