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In this day and age having a website built for your company or non- profit group can be both a tough decision and a great benefit.

There are two basic portions of a great performing website. They are the result of client and designer working in cooperation

1. The website needs to appear classy and further the goals of the organization it was built for.

2. The website should be visible in the major search engines and be found by doing a search for relevant terms.

Website Appearance...
One of the most important considerations to be made when setting up a new website is the direction to go with the visual branding. The appearance should not, however, distract from the content on the page, which is after all, the reason the users are there.

This can be one of the most difficult processes to overcome. It is very important that you the client have a good idea of the general direction you would like to move in visually. Existing brochures, letterheads and such (assuming that is the appearance desired) can be a great help when first beginning the design phase.

All of copperjacket.com websites are created with all custom designed graphics. We use no templates. Everything is created on the spot, at the time of inception, guaranteeing the site will have a unique appearance.

Search Engine Promotion...
If your audience can't find you in the search engines you are missing out on a huge benefit of have a website.

We can provide websites that are targeted at the local areas (state, county, city) of physical establishment or we can provide SEO (Search engine optimization) services that will push your site to the top of the stack and make it seen worldwide. (This will not happen overnight, and will depend on the saturation of your target traffic.) SEO can also be provided on existing sites. All sites we produce do have a rudimentary amount of SEO already included free of charge as a normal part of the build. SEO is available separately, included in a new site or also applied to an existing site not originally made by us.

Your website will be submitted to the major search engines (submittal does not guarantee inclusion) as well as others.
1. Google
2. MSN
3. Yahoo

A Note about how we operate...
Building a website is not a matter to be entered into lightly and must be a cooperation between developer and client to be successful. There is work to be done by both parties; the satisfaction of the client depends upon it

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