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I guess my love affair with the computer began back when I was playing Ratrun on the old family computer. After that I got pretty heavily into AutoCAD in High School, and went on to study CAD and Commercial Art in college. While I was in college I hooked up with the owner of a local restaurant and avid inventor to work on his latest project. After working on the project I had ideas of making riches without completing college and so I began putting less importance on getting good grades and more importance on taking the invention to market. I eventually dropped out of college and the project was put on the back burner. After I had dropped out of college I pretty much worked factory job after factory job until a friend moved in with me. While he was living with me he purchased a new computer and I became reacquainted with the computer. Much had changed in the nearly ten years I had been away.

Time passed.

The friend eventually left. (skipped out six months into a cosigned year lease no less) To move in with a girl he met online, how very cliché it was. I got a new job where at the time there were people that I had things in common with. The job also afforded me the cash flow to buy a new computer of my own. After awhile at the job it began to chafe me that I didn't want to spend my life toiling away in a factory not being able to use my imagination except for coming up with clever banter with my coworkers and ways to annoy my supervisor. I saved up my money and quit my job. I moved out of state and in with a friend of mine that was the admin of the prominent ISP of his area and went to work learning a few things further about computers and what I wanted to do with them. The time I spent there was probably my version of "finding myself" and what do you know I did!! I found out that AutoCAD and networking were just a little dry for me but graphic arts and web design were not.

After awhile the bank account was starting to get a little low and I was looking for jobs on the internet for my area. I found a very inconspicuous add for "Office Help" in a mom and pop antiques store. Well they said office help in the add but what they really meant was Webmaster, Graphic Designer, Salesperson, Shipping Clerk, Photographer, Copy editor, and what ever else I just happen to be good at and have time to do. Well I have been there nearly a year now (at the time this was written) and am in the place to take on other peoples web designing / Graphic Art needs.

That pretty much brings me to the present day and the website you are looking at.

I now love what I do. To the others that are still in the factory and have a passion for doing things on the computer. (Kelly) My time there was nice while it lasted and I hope that you as well are able to make the leap and leave the walls of the factory as well. As one that had been released from prison might have once said.

"It's much better on the outside"

Darin Hudson
York , Nebraska


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