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Copperjacket.com website version evolution

Aug 02 - Feb 03
The first design was very minimal and heavily used "canned" effects from the graphics program. The bar at the top was an image, and so if the screen wasn't at 1024px wide there was a scroll bar at the bottom. Another large image in the middle of the first page dominated as well as slowed down page load times.

Feb 03 - Sept 03
The second version still had the large first page image but had something a little different at the top. There were still images (using image hotspots) at the top of the page but now there were two and they opened and closed the width of the screen like a slide rule. Text content has begun to rise.

Sept 03 - May 04
The third redesign came out sporting it's first properly sized mast head graphic as well as its first page top company name. The page was now able to be resized from wide screens down to very small without breaking the design. An evolutionary leap was made in text content as editorial skills inproved. Arrangements were made to create income solely from traffic the site garnered.

May 04 - Sept 05
The forth design relied heavily on CSS and repeated background graphics to expand and contract on page content seamlessly for all viewers of the page. The site has been tested in Internet Explorer as well as Macintosh internet browsers. Traffic continues to escalate with additional listings in varied search engines.

Sept 05
The fifth and current design spotlights expanded content and a revised navigational system. Slight tweaks were done to surround graphics to keep things fresh.
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