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Windows 98 Internet Setup

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Step 1. Double-Click on the "My Computer" icon on the desktop


Step 2. Double-Click on Dial-Up Networking.


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Step 3. Double-Click on Make New Connection


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Step 4. Enter a name for the name of the computer you're dialing (this name dosent have to be specific, it is only for your use) into the box and Click Next.


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Step 5. Enter your dial up internet number (with area code) that you ISP has supplied.
Click Next 


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Step 6. Click Finish


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Step 7. In your "Dial-Up Internet" windows Right-Click on the internet connection icon bearing the name you have given it and choose properties.


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Step 8. Click on the Server-Types tab.


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Step 9. Place checkmarks in the "Enable software compression" & "TCP/IP" boxes; if there are checkmarks in any other boxes, uncheck those items.
Click OK to return to the Dial-up Networking

(these are standard to check, your ISP may have you check other boxes instead or in addition, check with your service provider)


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Step 10. Right-Click on your connection icon and choose "Create Shortcut"A dialog box will appear that says:


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Step 11. Click Yes. Close the Dial-up Networking.

Step 12. Find the icon you just made and double click it to connect to the internet.

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