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Outlook Express 6 Internet Setup

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Step 1. Open Outlook Express, click on Tools, then click Accounts.


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Step 2. Click the Mail tab to view your accounts. If no account is listed, click Add then click Mail to add a new account.


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Step 3. The Wizard will ask you to enter a Display Name. This is the name you want to see next to your outgoing emails. You can put any name you want here. Click Next to continue.


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Step 4. The Wizard will ask you to enter your email address, type in what is appropriate and click Next to continue.


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Step 5. The next step is to configure your email server settings. POP3 should be selected in the top box. pop3.domain.com should be your incoming and outgoing should be smtp.domain.com. Click Next to continue.
(this may vary with internet service provider, always go with what you service provider states)


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Step 6. In the next step, enter your username (do not add @domain.com here) in the appropriate box. Then enter your  password in the appropriate box, click next to continue.


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Step 7. To complete the Account Wizard simply click Finish


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Step 8. Your Internet Accounts page should look like the one pictured above. Click the Close button to exit.


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Step 9. Click Send/Receive to see if your account was properly setup.

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