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Netscape 6 Internet Setup

net1.gif (17671 bytes)


net2.gif (11350 bytes)


netscape6_1.gif (11856 bytes)


netscape6_2.gif (11395 bytes)


netscape6_3.gif (11860 bytes)

Enter your email address for your Email address


netscape6_4.gif (12813 bytes)

Enter Server Name= pop3.domain.com

(this may vary with internet service provider, always go with what you service provider states)

netscape6_5.gif (9695 bytes)


netscape6_6.gif (10273 bytes)

Enter a name for the Account Name This is used for your convienence only, there is no wrong answear for this box.


netscape6_10.gif (10922 bytes)

Verify that the information is correct and click finish when completed.


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