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Setting Up Your New Computer, before you begin

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You should have a small pile of fairly large boxes sitting on your floor now, and are wondering where to go next. That pile of boxes can be a little daunting; especially if this is your first computer. First thing I need to say is enjoy this moment, nothing smells the same as all that shiny new beige plastic. This is the newest that your computer will ever be.

The first real decision you need to make is where you want to set the computer up. The location should have access to a electrical plug-in that can supply enough power for all that you may need to have plugged in. The plug-in also should be on a separate circuit from other high use appliances as well as those that may cycle off and on such as a heater fan or a refrigerator. The surge/spike in current may cause computer problems to occur over time. All these electrical problems can be avoided if a UPS is used between your computer and the receptacle. (A common surge protector can also be used but does not provide the same level of aid) The location should also take into account how light may interfere with monitor vision. It should not be placed so that light from a window will hit on the front side of the monitor, causing glare. A window can be behind the monitor and looking outside is a great way to rest your eyes occasionally. Another factor to look into when choosing where to set up at depends much on what you plan to use it for and your life style. If you are planning to use it for work then it should be behind closed doors and away from the hub-bub of household activity. If the computer is going to be for family use and entertainment, then a centralized location may be more appropriate.

Once a correct location has been selected you will need to begin to assemble all that is needed to put your workstation together. You could just get started, however if you are assembling your system alone it is easier to have everything in one place to begin with. When assembling a computer you will be dealing with routing of wires, and it is helpful to remain on task. During the time you spend running for the screwdriver you might forget what wire goes where.

The items that you will need to get together in your location will be

  1. Your computer boxes.
  2. A surge protector or UPS device.
  3. A utility knife
  4. A small flat head screwdriver
  5. Proximity to a trash can would be helpful

Now you should have your new computer close, an area decided upon, and all of your tools rounded up. You are now ready to begin.

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